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Delight your taste buds with Auburn Opelika Parents’ Dinner’s Ready category. Explore family-friendly recipes and cooking inspiration for every mealtime.

Dinner's Ready AOP Oct

Dinner’s Ready: Yvette Lowe “Jo’s Broccoli Casserole”

“My favorite recipes are the ones that have been handed down to me. Especially, when the recipes are hand written by the one sharing it with me,” says Yvette Lowe […]

Dinner's Ready AOP Sept ()

Dinner’s Ready: Magan Yon’s Chicken Spaghetti Bake

This month we usher in the first day of fall, football makes a comeback, after school activities are back in full swing and, for many families, casseroles are a way […]

Dinner's Ready AOP Aug

Dinner’s Ready: Nancy Pearson’s Sunday Roast

Nancy Pearson and her family are always in and out of the house and on opposite schedules, so preparing meals that are easily done in a crockpot and with plenty […]

Dinner's Ready Leah Smith AOP July

Dinner’s Ready: Leah Smith’s Garden Vegetable Pie

Fresh vegetables are in abundance this time of year and this month’s Dinner’s Ready recipe will allow you to use many of them. “I am sharing one of my favorite […]

Dinner's Ready Jana Gwin AOP June

Dinner’s Ready: Jana Gwin’s Tortellini Soup

“DoorDash does most of the cooking at our house,” shares Jana Gwin, light heartedly. “If anyone is cooking, it is me, but with our busy schedules we keep it simple […]

Dinners Ready Amy Hess AOP May 2023

Dinner’s Ready: Amy Hess’s Chicken Casserole

Quick, easy, comforting, and a meal that keeps everyone coming back home to Mom and Dad. This month’s Dinner’s Ready recipe is a delicious chicken casserole brought to us by […]

Dinners Ready pity pats green beans AOP April 2023

Dinner’s Ready: Ginger Stephens’ Pitty Pat’s Green Beans

Nothing is better than a dish that takes you back to your momma’s kitchen table. That is why Ginger Stephens of Auburn shared her mother’s green bean recipe for this […]

Dinners Ready Fish Tacos AOP March23

Dinner’s Ready: Danielle Gomberg’s Favorite Fish Tacos

Traveling for a week in December to Turks and Caicos is a tradition for Danielle Gomberg and her family. They love escaping the Alabama cold and visiting this island together. […]

AOP Dinner food Feb 23

Dinner’s Ready: Brittany Handley’s G-Pa’s Swedish Meatballs

“One of our favorite family meals to cook is Swedish Meatballs with pasta,” shares Brittany Handley of Auburn, AL. “It is a family recipe passed down by my husband’s late […]

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