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From the Publisher – February 2024

Now that all the confetti has settled and the new year is in full swing, it’s time to focus on those fitness and wellness goals at the top of this […]

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From the Publisher – December ’23

As I finish the final touches to our Christmas tree, I can’t help but reminisce about all the special moments around our tree throughout the years. Memories of all the […]

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From the Publisher – November ’23

My favorite color is Christmas lights! Yes, all the merry and bright colors on a Christmas tree, adorned across the front of homes, and decorated throughout downtown are the perfect […]

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From the Publisher – October ’23

It’s Fall Festival season! This is the time of year that the morning air has an extra crispness to it, the leaves are beginning to change into those beautiful fall […]

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From the Publisher – August ’23

And just like that, summer has turned into back-to-school…again. Where did the time go? I’m starting to think the summers get shorter as my children get older. What used to […]

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May 2023 From the Publisher

It has been another long school year with much growth and learning for students and families in East Alabama. It’s a time for recognition and reflection on another school year […]

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From the Publisher – April 2023

It’s time to get out there! Spring is just beginning to bloom, which means warmer days and extended afternoons. After a long winter of being indoors, kids (and parents) are […]

From the Publisher – January 2022

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season filled with lots of family and friends. After having more limited holiday celebrations last year, it certainly was wonderful to attend more […]

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