From the Publisher – August ’23

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And just like that, summer has turned into back-to-school…again. Where did the time go? I’m starting to think the summers get shorter as my children get older. What used to be slow mornings in bed watching movies and eating cereal that led to a lazy day by the pool has now turned into teens sleeping their summer away, with small bursts of family time at the lake with campfires.

I have tried to hold onto these summer weeks with both hands. But alas, the school days are upon us, and the preparations are a must-do. There are school supplies and shoes to buy, morning and afternoon schedules to plan, and after-school activities to gear up for. But first, the looming closet clean-out has to ensue, to access what they can still fit in (which is rarely much), choose items we can pass down to siblings, and pack up and donate the remainder to others. It’s not a project that our home looks forward to each year, but it’s the best place to start, and it helps me to organize and get us ready for back to school. There are meals to plan, lunches to pack, outfits to iron, and backpacks to prep to start off on the right foot on that first day of school.

In this month’s feature article, Out the Door on Time: 9 Tips for a Smooth Morning Routine, some tried, and true ideas help get the kids back into the classrooms. One of the best habits to instill is a Sunday night prep. For your preschool and elementary students, getting their weekly clothes and shoes all selected and lined up is a great way to save time and stress when that 6 a.m. alarm clock goes off. The decisions can be made a week ahead of time, and then there are no surprises or arguments about what to wear each day. Also, the author suggests planning lunches and school snacks too. Get the kids involved in their lunch selections and pack their own snacks for the week. School and afternoon snacks can be easily organized in the pantry for a quick grab-and-go. Organizing some of these morning routines before Monday could be a game-changer for how the school week begins and progresses.

But before that first school bell rings, take a moment to consider one last creative and fun activity for your family. In the article, 16 Back to School Traditions to Start this Year, you’ll find some unique ideas to mark the upcoming school year with your children. One idea is to have a back-to-school bash where you can say goodbye to another fantastic summer and celebrate the upcoming school year. It could be as simple as a pool party with friends or a last-minute drive to your favorite vacation spot. Or, gather around one last bonfire, where each family member gets to say their highs and lows of the summer and offer a personal goal to achieve this school year.

Savor those moments and be an encourager of those goals. It’s going to be another amazing school year! There will be small achievements, significant milestones, and much success. From one parent to another, be purposefully present and their number one fan along the way because time sure does fly, and our children grow up quickly, even in just one school year.

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From the Publisher – August ’23

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