From the Publisher – January 2024

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Happy New Year! It’s 2024, and a new year is ahead of us. What will you do in the next 365 days? Each day is a new day to write a chapter in this year’s book. Have you had a list of things you wanted to do and been unable to check things off your list completely? Are you planning to start the year learning a new hobby or trying something unique that has been an interest for a while? Begin this year by taking one “to-do” and giving it your all.

This year, I plan to try a new hobby with my family. If you are like me, your family members are always going in many different directions, and it is rare to gather and do things as a family unit. With two kids in college and my husband always traveling for business, it feels like we pass by each other with only a quick moment or two to check-in. I have decided that this year, we will be purposeful about family time and plan out in advance to create time for us to bond and catch up meaningfully. It is definitely going to be a challenge, but I foresee it being moments that fulfill and sustain us as a family unit, all the while navigating busy lives.

In this month’s feature article, Must Dos for the New Year, the author suggests a few ideas to help start the year off right. She says to make a plan and do something that you have been putting off for years. This could be starting a family nutrition plan and training for a 5K, taking a family vacation across the country and camping along the way, or planning a philanthropy project to help local animals that need to find good adopted homes. Making these plans can be challenging and seem overwhelming; however, by beginning the new year with a goal, your family can brainstorm small steps that will eventually lead to the overall larger goal accomplished by the end of the year. Small steps can lead to a big accomplishment over time.

Also, working as a family team, where each member can head up their own task, can make it feel more doable and less stressful overall. Just think of the pride and reward that will be felt next December, knowing how your family worked on a project this year and finished successfully as a team. The bonus is that you created structured family time together and did something meaningful and rewarding.

As for my family, we are making a list of everyone’s interests and ideas, and hopefully, we can decide on something that each of us is interested in and looking forward to. On the shortlist is more travel, exploring cities with great historical significance, and starting a kindness project, where each month, we focus on creating and sharing kindness toward others with the hope that it will be multiplied and passed forward.

Whether a grand gesture or a simple family goal, having a plan in mind will be a great way to begin 2024. Happy New Year to your family from mine!

Kendra Sumner
Author: Kendra Sumner

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From the Publisher – January 2024

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