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It has been another long school year with much growth and learning for students and families in East Alabama. It’s a time for recognition and reflection on another school year of studying, tests, and projects. As the end of the year approaches, many of our children will put on a graduation cap and gown, and with anticipation of hearing their name called, proudly walk across the stage and accept their high school diploma. Not only will there be cheers and applause, but moms (like me) will burst with joy and tears, as they watch their baby walk toward his future. High school graduation is the culmination of many years of early morning routines to get to school on time, hours of learning in math and science, and late nights filled with homework and test preparations. It has been a long road traveled by not only the graduate, but also moms and dads supporting their kids along the way. Graduation represents so much more than an ending. It is a culmination of families working together toward our students’ goals and the beginning of their next chapters.


If college is next on your graduate’s list, we have included a feature article just for you. Grade Ready: Getting Your Kids Ready For College offers some great tips to help with planning for their college days. It’s important to manage the stress that comes with this season of life. Touring universities, deciding which one is the right fit, and getting all the admissions information together are just a few stressors you’ll face. The important thing to remember is that it’s okay to reach out for support. High school counselors and college admissions advisors are wonderful support services and there to help. Don’t go it alone. Ask them all of your questions and let them guide you toward checking off your to-do boxes. Another tip mentioned is to encourage your child’s independence. This can start early in the middle and high school years. Helping your children find ways to become more and more independent will make the transition from your home to a college dorm feel less stressful. Learning to manage their time, organize their bedrooms, wash and dry their clothing, and budget finances are areas to consider when encouraging independence. It can be small steps at a time that will lead to confidence when living on their own.

With the school year coming to a close, summer fun and adventure is on deck. This month, you will find the Summer Fun Guide filled with local summer camps, day trip ideas, and activities to keep your little ones busy this summer. Instead of waiting for the dreaded “I’m bored!” moment, plan ahead and fill your summer weekends with outings that will not only be fun, but educational. From museums and nature trails to swimming and arcades, you’ll find something for your family to do all summer long.

From one parent to another, congratulations on another successful school year and here’s to a fun-filled summer!

Kendra Sumner
Author: Kendra Sumner

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May 2023 From the Publisher

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