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AOP: What is your greatest source of motivation as a mother?

PL: My greatest motivation as a mom is knowing that I’m responsible for helping make sure there are going to be three great men who are going to do great things. They already represent themselves and our family extremely well at young ages and knowing that there’s more to come from them is the motivation.

AOP: How do you balance being a mother and pursuing your personal goals?

PL: Being a mother is beyond fulfilling. I am blessed to have a career that allows me to have an excellent work life balance so I can be fulfilled at home and work. I am not just Tyler, Braxton or Campbell’s mom, Antavious’ wife or the lady that works at the Sportsplex.

AOP: What has been the most difficult challenge you have faced as a mother?

PL: My greatest challenge as a mom is watching them fail, but also at times feeling like I’m failing them. Obviously, as parents we can’t do everything for our kids; we have to let them fall off the wagon. That is a struggle because I don’t want to ever see them be unsuccessful, but know it’s necessary.

AOP: How have you overcome that challenge and what did you learn from it?

PL: There’s always times when I feel like I’m not doing the best I can do as a mother, but seeing them succeed and thrive, whether it’s academically or socially, helps to prove otherwise. When you’re told how great and kind your kids are, you know you’re doing something right as parents.

AOP: How do you prioritize your own needs while being a mother?

PL: I don’t think I do a very good job of this. Probably need to put this in the “need to work on” column — haha.

AOP: How do you foster a strong relationship with your children?

PL: Always letting them know I’m their biggest fan. They are going to always have my support and know I’m there when they need me. Being a boy mom is full of things that I wasn’t into growing up, so you have to meet them where they are, not just in their interests but in life. I can’t tell you how many Marvel movies I have seen that I typically wouldn’t have!

AOP: What values do you prioritize in your parenting?

PL: For our boys, we instill in them to keep GOD first in all that they do, and then their family. These are the two that they know have their backs. The boys know that if they need guidance of any kind, these two entities are the ones they can always turn to.

AOP: How do you deal with the transition of your children growing up?

PL: I struggle with this. I am the type of mom who wants to do everything for my boys. I was preparing their lunches daily, doing their laundry, taking something to school if they forgot it. However, that doesn’t help them to grow and learn responsibility and accountability. They’re going to have to take care of themselves one day and not giving them the freedom to grow and learn how to do for themselves hinders them. That is a daily struggle. It’s taken baby steps for me to take my hands off a little.

AOP: Looking back, what advice would you have given yourself as a new mom?

PL: There’s no such thing as a perfect mom. Being a parent is hard work, a full-time job that you don’t get to take off from. It’s a constant work in progress whether they’re six months or 16 years old. Parenting is about being the best possible mom, not the perfect mom… because that doesn’t exist.

Patrice Lipscomb and her husband Antavious have been married for 12 years and reside in Opelika. Both Patrice and her husband have the best interest of Opelika in mind as she is the Assistant Director for the Parks and Recreation Department, while Antavious is a Sergeant for the Fire Department.
They are raising three boys — Tyler who is a senior this year, Braxton who is in eighth grade and Campbell who is in fourth grade. The boys are in several extracurriculars and the fall is typically a busy time of year for the family.
When the Lipscomb’s are not running around with all that’s on their plate, Patrice says they love to watch sports or settle in for a family a movie night. While time to herself isn’t very frequent, she also likes to try and catch up on sleep when she can.

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It is our pleasure to serve you and your family as the Wiregrass's #1 Resource for local families.


It is our pleasure to serve you and your family as the Wiregrass's #1 Resource for local families.
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Mom to Mom with Patrice Lipscomb

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