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AOP: You own Variations Dance Studio in Auburn. Becoming an entrepreneur can be a long road; can you tell us a bit about when you started and the moment you knew it was “going to work?”

SY: I was excited to merge my early childhood education degree with my previous professional dance training to create my dream dance studio. I started with one studio and had to learn the business ropes quicker than anticipated to handle the demand I experienced. I am thankful that I have reached a place to pause and reflect on my business achievements along the way!

AOP: Where do you imagine Variations Studio to be five years from now?

SY: I have a few different visions for Variations and have found staying flexible with programming goals helps to continue to support client needs. I have seen progress within our Petite Academy (2-6yrs.) and Upper Division (7+yrs), enabling me to implement various developments in both age divisions. We have developed our programming to benefit both our students and the community in the areas of curriculum, performance events, and outreach. I’m excited to continue to create alongside my stellar team and to continue to plan multiple ways we can serve our students as we evolve!

AOP: You have two kids, a running business, and, I am sure, a lot more on your plate. What are your top tips for productivity as a busy mom?

SY: I think it’s important for my kids to see directly that their parents work hard, and I try to involve them in “behind the scenes” tasks to help them understand the importance of work ethic and professionalism. I try to keep work separate from home as best as I can. If I have to merge the two, I usually talk to my kids about what I’m doing and let them be a part, especially if a learning moment is wrapped up in that time.

AOP: What recommendations do you have for other moms looking to start their own businesses?

SY: Make sure your business is something you are passionate about, and limit your distractions. Enjoying the work process between the “rewards” and having resilience are important qualities to embody. Many people will underestimate the time and effort it takes behind the scenes to make things come together – and that’s okay! Just continue to follow your heart and where you are called to serve.

AOP: What values do you prioritize in your parenting?

SY: Kindness and compassion come first to mind as essential qualities we try to instill in our children. I think it’s really important to have a broad perspective, and working on skills to develop both of these qualities helps our kids understand how to see the bigger picture. We often talk about ways we can weave our faith through all of life’s happenings and how both good and challenging moments are part of the journey we have been gifted.

AOP: What are some ways you practice self-care as a wife, mother, and business owner?

SY: It’s easy for moms to struggle with finding time for themselves. I know I’m wired to constantly be on the move in both family and work settings and have gotten better at pressing pause to take a moment for myself.

Simply embracing the busy life stage I’m currently experiencing quickly helps me combat feeling overwhelmed. It’s a tricky balancing act, but I know that I’m currently right in the middle of what I’ve always dreamed of, and I am grateful to be able to say that.

AOP: What is your greatest source of motivation as a mother?

SY: I was always unusually determined as a child. I would work overtime trying to reach my goals and did not have anyone prompting me to do that. My drive and work ethic propelled me towards opportunities I am grateful I did not fear.

My parents helped to encourage me to walk confidently towards those hurdles, and I will never take for granted how they believed in me during times I didn’t fully believe in myself. Those challenges became some of my favorite life experiences and even helped ignite my career.

As a mom, I hope to encourage my children to find the tools to turn challenges into enriching moments of their own beautiful stories, just as my parents did for me.

AOP: Giving back to the community is important to you. What does that look like, and why do you do it?

SY: There is nothing more rewarding than giving back to others. At Variations, we have implemented several different outreach efforts throughout the years. I’m always looking for creative ways to expand our outreach and show students the many ways to give back! I find it profoundly moving to watch a child have that lightbulb moment and realize they, too, can make a difference regardless of age. Those lightbulb moments are definitely the heartbeat of our program!

Rapid Fire Questions:

  1. Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl
  2. Movie Buff or Book Lover? Book Lover
  3. Favorite Vacation Spot? Little Beach Towns
  4. Facebook or Instagram? Instagram

Stacy Young is the owner of Variations Dance Studio in Auburn, AL. She has been married to her husband Bryan for almost 15 years, and together they have two wonderful children: Thomas (12) and Aly (9). The family enjoys spending time together with friends and traveling to new places. They also enjoy cooking together.

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It is our pleasure to serve you and your family as the Wiregrass's #1 Resource for local families.
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Mom to Mom with Stacy Young

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