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AOP: You own Hearing Professionals of Alabama. Where did you get the idea for your business?

BH: My business partner, Dr. Allison Kelly, and I saw that there was a need for comprehensive pediatric audiology services in East Alabama. Prior to opening, many children in our area were being referred to Birmingham or Atlanta for hearing aid and cochlear implant services. We opened in 2014 to provide these comprehensive and specialized services for both pediatric and adult populations. Since then, we have expanded our services to Montgomery as well. When we opened our first practice, I was a young mom of a two-year-old, which was also a driving motivator to be able to have autonomy and flexibility in my career during that stage of life.

AOP: What are your typical responsibilities as a business owner? How do you balance being a mother and pursuing your personal goals?

BH: There are numerous responsibilities as a business owner and as one of the main providers in the clinic. As an owner, I am responsible for the overall management of our private practices and have a hand in every aspect of it, including patient care, financial management, employment management, etc.
As a mom, business owner, and healthcare provider, finding a good work/life balance can be difficult. I try to keep in mind that these years with my daughters are fleeting. Right now, being a mom is first priority. My career is something I do, but it is not who I am. I am thankful that now my business has grown and is more established, and I am able to take advantage of the schedule flexibility that private practice offers.

AOP: How has being a mother impacted your personal and professional life?

BH: It is a blessing to be a mom. Personally and professionally, my girls are a driving motivator in my decisions. Personally, I strive to be my best self so that my children get the best version of me. Professionally, I work hard to be able to show my daughters the advantages of a rewarding career and hopefully inspire them to pursue a career that offers them the same when they are older.

AOP: What has been the most rewarding experience you have had as a mother?

BH: The most rewarding experience as a mother so far has been watching my girls mature and make decisions based on the values that we instill in them at home. The way they are a friend to others, or how they want to be involved in serving at church is encouraging to me.

AOP: How do you encourage your children to pursue their passions and interests?

BH: We allow our daughters to choose to be involved in what interests them and don’t force them into something they are not. Sometimes, with the endless opportunities in East Alabama for children to be engaged, it can be a little tempting to want to try it all. However, we have found that one extracurricular per child each season, along with piano lessons, is best for our family. Our girls have set goals for themselves in their activities. We support them by taking advantage of the wonderful resources we have in our area in their respective interests to help them reach these goals.

AOP: How do you help your children navigate social relationships and peer pressure?

BH: My daughters are just getting into these situations at 11 and seven years old. We remind our girls of who they are and how God has set them apart. We talk about loving others and that not everyone will be your best friend, but that we should strive to be a friend to others. We discuss with our children consequences of following along with the crowd and that we have to listen to the Holy Spirit inside of us to help us make wise decisions in social situations and in friendships.

AOP: What is your greatest hope for your children’s future?

BH: My greatest hope for my children’s future is that are happy and healthy. I pray that my daughters will put God first and surround themselves with people and friends who encourage and inspire them to be their best self. I also hope that one day they can have a career that is rewarding and allows them to live out their dreams.

AOP: What would be your best piece of encouragement for a mother who owns her own business and is trying to manage everything else on her plate too?

BH: My advice is to look to God to provide guidance in owning a business and being a mom. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people, take time for yourself and give yourself grace because you are doing a great job!

Beth Hoven and her husband Kirby have lived in Auburn for nine years and enjoy raising their children in the area. They have two daughters, Eloise (11) and Edie Ruth (7), who are involved in activities at Variations Dance Studio, Limitbreakers and Auburn Opelika Music Teachers Association piano competitions. The family is involved and loves attending their church, Church of the Highlands Auburn West Campus.

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It is our pleasure to serve you and your family as the Wiregrass's #1 Resource for local families.


It is our pleasure to serve you and your family as the Wiregrass's #1 Resource for local families.
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