From the Publisher – February 2023

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A new year brings with it a need to reevaluate one’s life and renew goals that focus on health and wellness. This month, we have two feature articles that will help families plan toward a healthier lifestyle for kids and parents alike. It’s essential to look at the family’s health from a wellness standpoint, not just a diet that could quickly fade after a few weeks. Wellness evaluates good health by looking at all physical, mental, emotional, and social facets. So, it is not just about the number on the scale but a broader look at nutrition, exercise, stress management, social balance, and self-image.

In the feature article, 7 Ways to Promote Your Child’s Healthy Lifestyle, the author gives some great advice on starting the year off on a wellness foot. One of the best habits to enforce is having a regular bedtime routine for children and teens. Getting enough sleep fosters overall health and prevents illness. It’s also crucial for children to be well-rested to perform at their best in school each day. Encourage your children to begin a bedtime routine that is consistent each night. This routine will become a healthy habit for all. Another great tip is to encourage positive social interactions. Friends and positive interactions can promote a sense of self-worth, acceptance, and a way to learn social skills. Also, one of the best ways to get your family going in the right direction toward a healthy year is to start with yourself.

Parents being role models for their children can set a healthy lifestyle tone that could continue long after their childhood and teen years. It is important to model positive behaviors for our kids, such as choosing a healthier dinner option, finding time to get active each day, scheduling yearly health checkups, and interacting with others in social settings. Lead your family by example, and they, too, will see the importance of wellness in their life.

This leads to the second feature article, How to Stay Motivated on Your Health Journey. The author acknowledges that it can be challenging to keep yourself motivated when changing your fitness and health lifestyle. How many times have you decided on New Year’s resolutions to lose 10 pounds or include more fruits and veggies in your meals, only to find that after a few short months, you lack the motivation to continue with your goals? It can be challenging to make changes and successfully keep them. Maybe the key to change is not to go it alone. Find friends and family members who want similar goals and encourage each other to stick to them. Accountability can be the key to success when starting a new fitness program. It can also be a source of social and emotional wellness. Lifting each other up on the not-so-great days may be all you need to start over and keep at it.

Encourage your family to move daily, choose healthier snacks, and build strong friendships. Moving toward a healthier lifestyle begins with you and at home. From one parent to another, here’s to a healthier 2023 for you and your family.

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From the Publisher – February 2023

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