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Meeting Kids March

Resolving Sibling Conflict

“My children are constantly fighting, and I am losing my mind!” All parents with more than one child have expressed this frustration at least once. Just know sibling conflict is […]

Signs That Your Kids Are Ready For Their First Sleepaway Camp

Signs That Your Kids Are Ready For Their First Sleepaway Camp

It’s time to decide whether or not to send your kids to sleepaway camp, but how do you know? How can you tell whether your kids are ready for their […]

The Camp Next Door Day Camp

The Camp Next Door: Day Camp

Many parents want their kids to experience summer camps but the idea of spending several nights away from home is a little scary for both the parent and child. A […]

Mom to Mom MAR AOP

Mom to Mom with Stacy Young

AOP: You own Variations Dance Studio in Auburn. Becoming an entrepreneur can be a long road; can you tell us a bit about when you started and the moment you […]

Dinner's Ready AOP MAR

Dinner’s Ready: Elizabeth Alexander’s Easy Jambalaya

The Alexander family loves to be together, exploring their wonderful home of Auburn, including the local parks and recreation areas. “One of our favorite things to do as a family […]

Dave Ramsey March

A Lesson He’ll Remember For the Rest of His Life

Our 21-year-old son is in college, and we’ve always warned him to stay away from credit cards. Despite our warnings, we recently learned he got a store-branded credit card. The […]

Screens and Teens March

Online Noise! How Much Is Too Much and How to Quiet It

In today’s world, it seems like everyone knows everything about everybody. And that just feels like a lot of “stuff” for our brains to take in. What your neighbor had […]

Student & School Spotlights MAR AOP

March 2024 Student Spotlights

Every month we compile a list of students doing great things across the Wiregrass.  We have so many talented students in our area.  Wiregrass Parents joins with their families and [...]
AOP front cover

From the Publisher – March 2024

March is our most anticipated edition of the year… Summer Camps 2024! In this month’s magazine, you will find national, regional, and local camps that feature everything from fine arts […]

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