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October 2023 Student Spotlights

Every month we compile a list of students and schools doing great things across our community.  We have so many talented students in our area.  Greater Pensacola Parents joins with [...]
Getting on Your Childs Nerves OCt

Getting On Your Child’s Nerves

sponsored by Cornerstone Family Chiropractic “I don’t want to!” In infancy, kids were cute – simply eating, sleeping, and pooping – but now when it’s time for dinner, homework, or […]

Meeting Kids Where They Are Sept

How to Parent Beyond Focusing on Behaviors

“When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” Dan Heijer An excellent tool to help parents with “overly emotional” children is the […]

happy girl flexing her muscles

Cultivating a Positive Body Image for Healthy, Confident Kids

As parents who want to raise healthy kids, we often put a lot of thought into providing adequate nutrition for growing minds and bodies. We research and prepare healthy meals […]

Dinner's Ready AOP Oct

Dinner’s Ready: Yvette Lowe “Jo’s Broccoli Casserole”

“My favorite recipes are the ones that have been handed down to me. Especially, when the recipes are hand written by the one sharing it with me,” says Yvette Lowe […]

red haired father daughter play superhero game together stand backs have fun

5 Things I Won’t Stop Doing for My Kids

“Stop doing these 17 things for your kids right now, or you’ll fail to raiseindependent, successful human beings!” Parents have been inundated with these types of articles lately, and I’ll […]

Dave Ramsey Oct

Love Them Enough to Teach Them Welll

My husband and I are having arguments about money where our children are concerned. They are both 16, and I think they should have part-time jobs and be learning the […]

Mom to Mom Oct AOP

Mom to Mom with Patrice Lipscomb

AOP: What is your greatest source of motivation as a mother? PL: My greatest motivation as a mom is knowing that I’m responsible for helping make sure there are going […]

Student & School Spotlights Oct AOP

October 2023 Student Spotlights

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competition who will catch apple as first

FaBOOlous Fun for Everyone: Halloween Gatherings that Impress

Do your kids race around the house in costumes all year long?There are so many fun ways to celebrate the whimsy of Halloween. Create new traditions with one of thesefaBOOlous […]

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